Our Goal

Our ambition is to produce a strong huffaz who remember the holy quran by heart, understand it, and apply in their life.

Our Programs

IQM offers Hifz, Arabic, islamic Studies & academic tutoring to promote a well-balanced program aimed at ensuring the presevation of the Quran through memorization and action. The following programs are offered by our qualified & experience instructors.

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Full Time Hifz
6 days a week
Monday-Friday (8am - 1pm)
Saturday (10am - 12pm)
After School Hifz
4 days a week
(5:30pm - 7pm)
Nazira & Qaidah
4 days a week
(5:30pm - 7pm)
Special Huffaz Review
5 days a week
Monday-Thursday (8am - 1pm)
Student have options to choose a day
and time convenient for them
Islamic Studies
4 days a week
(5:30pm - 7pm)

Arabic Language
4 days a week
(11am - 1pm)

Academic Tutoring at IQM

IQM has qualified tutors to support and aid your child. We offer tutoring services for students from 2nd to 12th grade. For tutoring services, students must be enrolled in a fulltime academic program. More details


Hafiz Zakiuddin Syed
Hafiz Zakiuddin Syed
By the grace of Allah (SWT) Shaik Zakiuddin Syed started his profession as a Hifz teacher in India in 1996. He came to America in 1998 & continued his teaching jounney. During this time he was also serving as an Imam & leading Taraweeh in Dar-ul-loom Al Islamia of America in California. Later, in 2005 he joined IANT Quranic Academy. Since then he has been teaching at IQA as a Hifz Teacher & also leading the Hifz Department for 11 years.
Hafiz Muddassir Syed
By the grace of Allah (SWT) Shaik Muddassir Syed started his career in India as a Hifz teacher & Imam in 2000. He moved to America in 2005 & continued teaching Hifz at Masjid-Ul-Noor, Ohio for 2 years. In 2007 he started teaching Hifz, leading Taraweeh, and was serving as Imam in Al-Madina Trust, in Humble, TX. Since 2015 he has been teaching at IANT Quranic Academy as a Hifz Teacher.


Ustadh Omar Hernandez
Ustadh Omar Hernandez is an Islamic Educator, currently serving as lead Alim instructor at IQA (IANT Quran Academy) and the W.A.M (Way of a Muslim) program, in Richardson, TX. He is the co-creator of I.L.M (IANT Latino Muslims). Sheikh Omar also leads or volunteers in the DFW community through a variety of educational, social, recreational, and pastoral services. A graduate of Kulliyya al Dawa wa Usool Al Deen, Islamic University of Medinah and father of the first Latin American to memorize the Quran, Ustadh Hernandez is dedicated to promoting a wholesome Islamic lifestyle through education and service. He lives in Garland TX, with his wife for over 20 years and their five children.


'And whatsoever you spend of anything (in Allah's Cause), He will replace it.' (Quran 34:39)


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